5 Tips To Have an Amazing Coachella 2018

Getting There

The drive from Los Angeles to Coachella valley can be a lot of fun if you are with good company — and manage to dodge the brutal LA traffic!  Passing the windmills is my favorite part of the two hour road trip.  Don’t miss it!

Chose your weekend and timing wisely. Weekend one is the influencer /party /pop up weekend. Weekend two is more about the magic of the music.

Where To Stay

I typically stay at a house with friends for the first weekend.  Then on Monday I relocate to Le Parker Meridian in Palm Springs for some rest and relaxation. It’s one of my favorite hotels in California. It has a zen pool, beautiful spa, fantastic restaurants, and pictured below… a lemonade bar! Other places I’d recommend are the Viceroy and the ACE Hotel Palm Springs.

This is a a good example of a house I’ve stayed at during the festival. Obviously not all the homes are the same, but you can definitely find some gems. I would suggest asking your friends where they are staying and then going online to see photos of the homes. Some are much nicer than others, so it’s worth doing some research. 😎

Make sure to lock down a house or hotel 3-6 months out. It’s not easy to find something last minute!

Musical Acts

I’m a huge music lover. I love to see new bands as well as older ones while at the festival.  The best part of the three day experience is having so much variety within each day.  Touching on this upcoming line up… you can see anyone from a popular artist like Eminem or Beyoncé, to smaller indie acts like Alt J, to synth-funk like Chromeo, to deep house like Bedouin or Black Coffee.

My favorite acts from previous Coachella festivals:  Florence And The Machine and LCD Soundsystem. I was lucky enough to get an Artist Pass VIP wrist band, which gets you close to the action and makes the experience that much better, so if you can find a friend of a friend who has an extra wrist band – jump on it!


Festival Buddies

Spending time with good people is part of the experience, so grab some fun Coachella friends and enjoy the good vibes!

One of the hottest tickets in Coachella valley is the Neon Carnival. It’s the most popular party to attend and it happens on the second night.  Make sure to get your bands early! There’s a lot to do, including really fun photo ops for your instagram feed and lots of cool rides!  There’s a slide and Ferris wheel.  It’s a lot of fun!

Make sure to secure Neon Carnival wrist bands in advance. Ask around. It’s not a hard ticket to come by if you ask friends who work with Coachella sponsors and fashion brands.

Last year, one of my all time favorite events was Revolve – a daytime event – held on sprawling, beautiful floral filled grounds. Fun music, delicious cocktails, celebrity sightings, tarot card readings, and best of all; In-N-Out Burger!

Each year has different parties highlighted for that festival. Plan in advance and ask around to see what’s on the schedule and which events are likely to be the popular ones. Schedule and lineup info can be found at coachella.com.

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